Our credentials speak for themselves.

We value our networks, leverage them for your benefit, and collectively place hundreds of candidates annually with top law firm and corporate clients around the globe.

Our Recruiters

Michael Allen Managing Principal Los Angeles I'm a Laker's fan, unless they're losing, just like everyone else in Los Angeles.
Ryan Belville Principal New York Once a year I travel to the very remote wilderness to do battle with the elusive giant Chinook salmon. I generally lose, but hope reigns supreme.
Jonathan Birenbaum Senior Director New York Knows the NYC subway system like the back of his hand.
Wendy Boone Director Texas
Carolyn Brenner Senior Director Northern California
Gloria Noh Cannon Principal Los Angeles I'm an avid UCLA sports fan, and volunteer with the Dream Street Foundation.
Erin Clarke Director South-East
Andrew Clyne Director New York
Michael Jude Di Gennaro Senior Director New York, Washington, D.C. While, like many law students, I once dreamed of making a grand positive social impact, I am now quite content when I secure great jobs for fellow attorneys. I also find it therapeutic to capture or kill poisonous invasive lionfish while diving for a cause in the Caribbean -- and yes, the sting is quite painful.
Ata Farhadi Director Los Angeles Musical theater and Acapella are where it's at.
Justin Flowers Principal, International Placements Shanghai I'm an avid Rugby player. I make a point to attend the Hong Kong Sevens tournament every year.
Abby Gordon Senior Director New York I’ve lived in Boston, New York, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Maine, Paris, Madrid, London, Florence, Rome, Geneva, Tokyo, Querétaro (Mexico). What can I say? I like variety.
Nick Goseland Principal Northern California Milton Berle said it best, ‘If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.’
Scott Hodes Principal Florida, Atlanta In 2001, I was a winning contestant on Wheel of Fortune. Final puzzle answer? Ashley Judd
Victoria Holstein Managing Director Washington, D.C.
Danielle Lackey CEO, CadenceCounsel Los Angeles
Annie Lin Director Shanghai
Josh Lockman Director Los Angeles
Kristina Marlow Director Washington, D.C.
Holly Moetell Director New York DC v. NY: like every good lawyer, I can argue both sides of the issue.
Sarah Morris Senior Director Northern California I grew up in Berkeley and attended preschool through law school there. In order to maintain a sense of normalcy I've traveled to fifty-eight countries only to discover that people travel to watch, in fascination, the people they ignore at home.
Kelli Newman Mason Director Los Angeles
Matt Ritter Director Los Angeles, New York "Matt worked at a couple big firms before giving it up for standup comedy and television production. He's one of the few people in the world who can say he worked for BigLaw and Duck Dynasty. He works with candidates in both CA and NY and considers himself bi-coastal despite the fact that he doesn't own a home in either state."
Matthew Rosenberg Director New York
Zach Sandberg Associate Director Los Angeles
Gloria Sandrino Principal Los Angeles
Amy Savage Senior Director Washington, D.C. Amy started her legal career as an associate with a Chambers-rated boutique before making a lateral move to an AmLaw 100 firm. Having made a lateral move, Amy brings with her a unique understanding of the concerns attorneys have about changing employers.
Larry Scott Principal Texas
Carly Steinbaum Director Los Angeles
Ryan Turley Director Chicago
Austin Wilson Director Chicago
Edward Wisneski Director Washington, D.C.

Our Staff

Bob Allen Executive Director of Operations Los Angeles Even when I hook a golf ball, it slices!
Saghar Doustar Office & Accounting Manager
Maria Gaskill Marketing Consultant Los Angeles
Sean Hamrin Recruiting Specialist Los Angeles
Elijah Rosenthal Writer Los Angeles
Geoffrey Scollard Specialist Los Angeles
Jeff Tendall Recruiting Specialist Los Angeles
Caroline Thomas Operations Manager, Cadence Counsel Los Angeles
Michael Wolraich Technology Director New York
Andrew Wood Marketing and Database Manager Los Angeles